We always appreciate hearing from our clients!

Here is a recent testimonial letter from a highly valued client, St. Augustine Animal Clinic.

  • Rick, I wanted to take a few moments to express my sincerest gratitude for your unwavering guidance and insight. Your coaching has transformed me from a frustrated business owner ready to throw in the towel into the manager/operator of a successful IT firm that has experienced a 275% increase in profitability over three years. I recall when we first sat down to talk shop, you told me that I was not your typical client and that you were not even sure you could help me. Today RockIT Solutions is a competitive & profitable business while 2018 promises to be another banner year. From applying great focus to such rudimentary subjects like what the company's core purpose should be to more critical aspects such as reviewing financial statements and discussing tax strategy for the coming year, your tactics could have had no other result than success. Thank you for pushing me and putting up with my occasional nonsense.
  • Branan Ward
    Rick Noland, Noland Consulting, has helped my business grow properly. I hired Rick in mid 2014 and since that time he has helped me scale, understand and tweak finances, hire, define core clients, and improve all of my processes and product. Hiring Rick has been an investment, not an expense! I cannot imagine running my business without his expertise and partnership. I highly recommend Rick for any business that wants to grow, improve their processes, or even plan a clean smart exit strategy.
    Branan Ward

Rick Noland is a business consultant based in St. Augustine, Florida.
He looks forward to hearing from you, 561-212-0166.